About Me

Well, apparently anyone with a couple bucks and a credit card can put up a web site… This is mine.

I am one of about a bazillion amateur guitar-playing singer/song-writers in the world looking for an appreciative audience. I have recently had the good fortune to gather together some money and talented friends allowing me the privilege of recording a CD. For these people and resources, I am extremely grateful.

My first CD is titled “Soul, Stone and Sundry”. “Soul” refers to the rich inner world that all conscious beings experience, however one defines this. I choose to explore various definitions. “Stone” refers to the material world which we are all part of and interact with. “Sundry” refers to a smattering of random stuff “of an unknown number”.  All nice words… and heck, they all begin with “S”. How lyrical and ironic.

My songs tend to start with the words. Everything else is in service to the story they tell. I have the amateur luxury of taking my time, writing songs as they emerge and about whatever I choose. I tend to enjoy penning lyrics about rather lofty topics, but not exclusively.

When not pursuing this avocation, which is the vast majority of the time, I am a happy husband and a proud step father, father and grandfather. I am a retired Social Worker in the Minneapolis Public Schools and also taught for the University of St. Thomas Social Work Department in St. Paul.   

I hope this is my first of a few solo CDs. Since I have waited until my 50’s to do this, I have enough material to keep me busy for awhile. I just don’t know if I have enough good material. Hell, it’s up to you as to whether I had enough good material for one CD. But I think so.

For those interested, I am also part of a collective which consists of myself and two other talented musicians: Iver Hubert, Lisa Stockert and myself. We call ourselves the Trinitus Collective. We have a collaborative CD that is available on Amazon or directly from one of us. Both Lisa and Iver have their own individual efforts as well.

Thanks to all who check this site out!